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​​Lash & Brow Sculpting

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A choice of Synthetic, Silk or upgrade to Siberian Mink

Full Set of Lashes

Full Set. 100% Full                                                 195~                  

Half Set of Lashes 

Half Set. 50% Full                                                   155~

3 to 4 Week Lash ReFills 

Full Clean up and ReFill                                           75~

1 to 2 Week Lash ReFills

Full Clean up and ReFill                                             55~

Lash Repair Work

We will REPAIR, Clean up and ReFill Lashes from 

other Companies!                                                       85~


Take your Brows to a new dimension with

the latest and greatest trends...

iBrow Extensions                                         155~

individual EyeBrow Extentions are attached onto the existing brows and skin to build up, add depth and dimension to your existing brow

iBrow Restoration                                           60~

EyeBrow Extensions for those who are looking for a shaped defined look

iBrow Touch Up                                             45~

Add a little extra dimension to your brows with 

​Eyebrow Extensions


​iBrow Embroidery (Microblading)               499~Limited Time

This is the latest is Eyebrow Techniques

that ​you can't miss if you pencil and fill in your brows everyday!

Ask us! 


​PRoFfESIONAL Make~up         50+~

Let us make your wedding day stress free or even a special occasion!

Volume 2D-4D Mink Lashes                  225~     

Layer Up the Volume with this advanced technique that involves ultra fine lashes onto each individual eyelash

Volume 2D - 4D Mink Lash ReFills         115 to 175~

Full Clean up and ReFill

Add Mink                                                  60~ 

Add Siberian Mink Lashes to Natural or Detailed Full Sets

Add Mink                                                   40~ 

Add Siberian Mink Lashes to a ReFIll


iBrow ReFill                                                55~

Just like your lashes the brows shed and need to be maintained up to every 2 to 3 weeks

iBrow Shaping                                         30~

Includes Brow Waxing and Billon Dollar Brow Pencil Sculpting

iBrow Waxing                                           20~

iBrow Tinting                                           40~

Add a Tint of Color to your existing Beautiful Brows